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During a consultation we will determine if you have any contraindication or physical conditions preventing you from being treated. The consultation process of going through your medical history and performing an in-depth examination will determine if your condition is something that spinal decompression can heal. 

The clinic is not able to accept everybody as a patient.  There is limited availability on our spinal decompression treatment table so we only want patients who we feel have a condition that qualifies for spinal decompression and who will get the best results.  Since our practice is built around referrals from satisfied patients, we only want patients who will get better and refer other patients to us that we can help.

Consultation and Diagnosis

A New Patient comprehensive diagnostic consultation will include the following;

  • Private consultation to include taking your medical history and a medical examination

  • Thorough medical examination including orthopaedic, neurological and postural tests

  • Verbal report of findings to include diagnosis and prognosis

  • An explanation of treatment options if we determine that you are suitable for care

  • Referral to an appropriate specialist if care is deemed not suitable

  Normal fee: £60         

  Introductory New Patient Fee (web offer only): £30

Consultation and Diagnosis

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Medical Record Analysis
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