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Knee Pain

Knee pain is a really common complaint that can affect anyone – adolescents, teenagers, athletes and the older population. Knee pain may be due to an injury such as a torn cartilage, ruptured ligament, meniscal tear or a medical condition such as arthritis.

In fact Knee pain is one of the most common complaints we see in our clinic. Our treatment is based around the user of low level light therapy and also includes therapeutic massage, mobilisation and advice on exercises and this combination of treatment is highly effective in treating a wide range of knee problems.


If you have daily chronic knee pain, you don't want surgery, you think you have to suffer with your knee pain because of your age and your knee pain stops you being active then please get in touch to see how we could help you. 

If you would like more information then please give us a call on 01392 925715 and one of the team will be only too happy to help.

chiropractor in exeter treating knee pai
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