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Laser Therapy (Cold Laser) is one of the newest and most effective treatments for soft tissue injuries typically referred to as 'sports injuries'. Sports injuries can happen to anyone and generally involve damage to muscles, ligaments or tendons. The Laser Therapy system specifically targets the injured tissue to aid healing of the damaged structure. Treatment with Laser Therapy is completely comfortable with no painful side effects making it the perfect treatment therapy. Here at Exeter Health Plus we use the highest medical grade class IV Laser Therapy system, the ASA MLS® MPhi5 Laser Therapy system.

MLS® Laser Therapy

MLS® (Multiwave Locked System) Laser Therapy comes from ASA’s scientific research to overcome the limits of traditional laser therapy and at the same time to exploit the advantages of low and high power through a patented quality impulse.


The MLS® impulse is based on two combined and synchronized emissions: one has the same power as LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), while the other has the typical characteristics of High Power.

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Laser Therapy will generally be administered by a Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist and treatment would also include a thorough examination to determine if there are any underlying causative factors in the injury. If there are underlying issues then treatment would also involve therapeutic massage, gentle joint mobilisation and advice on rehabilitation exercises.

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