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Months of isolation & reduced levels of activity at home will have an immense deconditioning effect

Covid-19 will be followed by a deconditioning pandemic

June 15, 2020

The months of isolation at home as a result of the covid pandemic will have an immense deconditioning effect, affecting millions of people. The covid-19 shielding policy was aimed at people over 70 and people under 70 with long term conditions, but we now know that 

  • the older you are the more activity you need

  • the more long term conditions you have, the more activity you need

It is clear that inactivity has a direct effect on mortality through its direct impact on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. We calculated using the WHO HEAT Model that imposed sedentary behaviour for three months in those over the age 70 years, or with long term conditions, would result in an extra 7000 premature deaths.

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