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Slipped/Herniated Disc

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Damage to the intervertebral disc that sits between the vertebra of the spine is very common and one of the most common problems we see in clinic. There are several common terms used to describe a slipped disc:

  • slipped disc

  • bulging disc

  • herniated disc

  • prolapsed disc

The intervertebral disc is made of two parts. The outer part called the annulus is like a ligament wrapped around a central part called the nucleus fibrosus. The annular ligament tears, either due to injury of repetitive stresses like poor posture and this allows the central part to push out and alter the position of the disc. Often the disc protrudes on to the spinal nerves and 'pinches' the spinal nerve. This causes a dramatic increase in pain and is often associated with sciatica if the slipped disc is in the lower back or shoulder and arm pain if the slipped disc is in the neck.

At Exeter Health Plus we use Spinal Decompression Therapy in the treatment of disc problems as it is a highly effective, non-surgical treatment. Using a specially adapted traction bench gentle and repetitive pressure is applied to the damaged intervertebral disc or spinal problem that is putting pressure on the spinal nerve causing the pain. This gentle movement reduces pain by releasing the restricted joint and aids the healing of the damaged disc

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