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What People Say

J Hodgson testimonial photo.jpg

Janet Hodgson

I have been suffering with my back and neck for years. I was told I would have to have an operation to fuse my bones but I didn't like the idea of that. Then my granddaughter 

recommended me to the clinic and they had the spinal decompression table. At first I didn't think it was going to work but I kept going and it has made a big difference. I can move easier and the pain is so much better. I haven't felt this good for years. Thank you.

M Scott testimonial photo.jpg

Maria Scott

Having experienced neck and shoulder pain intermittently for many years and being reluctant to have a manual adjustment, Richard suggested the spinal decompression therapy. This has proved marvellous. I now have 4 weekly sessions and feel great!


Roger Baitup, Exeter

As an avid golfer I have always suffered with lower back problems. Since I have been having spinal decompression therapy I have found that my back pain has greatly improved and I have much better movement, flexibility and my golf swing has improved.


Andrew Harris

After suffering with a painful and stiff neck, Richard and Sara recommended that I try the spinal decompression treatment.

After only a couple of visits I noticed a considerable difference especially when driving, finding a difference when turning my head at junctions.

I would recommend this treatment, it worked wonders for me!!

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Julie Parsley

The treatment is not at all uncomfortable and it has relieved the tension and pain I was experiencing in my neck. This relief lasts the full 4 weeks between maintenance visits and I would recommend it.


Kirsty Lomas

I have had a reoccurring back problem for the last two years. I went to Richard almost giving up hope that my back will ever gain full recovery. Richard has helped me no end and my back is making excellent progress and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have been to chiropractors before that have made me nervous of the whole experience, but Richard has completely changed that. His manipulations are gentle and swift and I always leave feeling refreshed and with a spring in my step. Above all this, I think one of the most important things that must be mentioned is that Richard actually cares about his clientele and the progression states. Therefore it goes without saying that I would hight recommend Exeter Chiropractor

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Dennis Tolly

I had been suffering with low back pain and stiffness for 10-12 years. My son recommended me to see Richard. Richard suggested the spinal decompression as my pelvis was out of alignment. Since the decompression I am able to work longer, have more flexibility and movement in my back and less pain!


Holly Joint

As a busy hairdresser I have suffered from back pain for a while. Richard is the first chiropractor that has been able to diagnose my problems so quickly and accurately. Richard is so professional and makes me feel at ease at all times by keep me up to date with my progress and treatment. I would recommend Richard to any one. I haven’t felt this good in years

Denise Hollinshead.JPG

Denise Hollinshead

Jack has worked on my back problem and I can honestly say my back hasn't felt this good in a long time. I would like to thank you Jack as I have not felt this pain free for a long time. Keep up the good work, I would recommend Jack's treatment to anyone. Happy New Year and for me a pain free one!

Thank you Jack

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