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Study on the effect of MLS® Laser Therapy on patients with lumbosacral sciatic pain

L. Guzman, V. Mora Castillo, J. Olalde Energy for Health [18], 2019

Lumbosacral sciatic pain is a condition associated to spine degeneration which is affecting people daily life and activities. In fact, often pain is not only affecting the lumbar zone, but it is also irradiating down to the lower limb and can influence movement flexibility and general physical function. Conservative treatment involves the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and different physical therapy approaches. Nevertheless, most severe cases need to be treated with surgical intervention. This case collection reports on the use of MLS® therapy in 30 cases of lumbosacral sciatic pain, where the goal was not only the management of the pain, but also the improvement in physical function with the aim of reaching a better quality of life for the treated patient. All the patients were treated with 12 sessions of MLS® therapy. Patients improved not only in terms of pain management, but also in function and therefore in every day activity comfort, i.e. better sleep and better walk ability. In terms of pain, before the treatment start, average VAS was 8, while at the end of the treatment cycle, average VAS was 1. The treatment was effective in keeping pain controlled between consecutive sessions. In conclusion, MLS® therapy resulted a useful approach for the treatment of lumbosacral sciatic pain.

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